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Hired and Non-Owned Vehicle Coverage 

Understanding the Importance of Hired and Non-Owned Vehicle Coverage.

Hired and Non-Owned Vehicle Coverage is a type of insurance that provides protection for vehicles that are not owned by your business. This coverage is important for businesses that use rented or leased vehicles or employees’ personal vehicles for work purposes. If an accident occurs while using these vehicles, Hired and Non-Owned Vehicle Coverage can help cover the costs associated with property damage and bodily injury. For example, if your employee is driving a rented van and accidentally crashes into another car, this coverage would help pay for the damages to the other vehicle and any medical expenses incurred by the occupants. It is essential to have this coverage because regular business insurance usually does not provide protection for vehicles that your business does not own. Hired and Non-Owned Vehicle Coverage is especially beneficial for businesses that frequently rely on transportation services, such as delivery or catering companies. Without this coverage, businesses could be held financially responsible for any damages or injuries caused by accidents involving these vehicles. Therefore, having Hired and Non-Owned Vehicle Coverage ensures that businesses are financially protected in case of any accidents or incidents that occur while using non-owned vehicles for work purposes.

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